Text Box: This is how they made it….. ( as witnessd by the late Ray Stirling)

As a result of winning the Club Nomination Pairs in 1995, Alan and Gary qualified to represent the Club in the “Scottish Pairs” during 1996. Their first game in the competition was in the preliminary round against Lumphinnans at Lochore (Fife) on 27th. May, they were successful and on their way.
The ensuing rounds through to the Area Finals with the winning margins, was proved that the “West Enders” were a force to be reckoned with.
The area final was against St. Clair Bowling Club, represented by Bob Scott and Andy Dick. West End ran out winners by 14 shots !!

Northfield here we come……….
Here we are at Northfield - Ayr , Gary and Alan don’t play till 1 o’clock, time for a refresh (Keep an eye out for Jim Haldane and avoid ! !)
Text Box: Thursday 1st .August 1:00 p.m. Green No:2  Rink 4
Kirkcaldy West End    22            Dunlop BC     14

Friday 2nd. August  9:30 a.m.   Green No: 2  Rink 6
Kirkcaldy West End    25       Overton & Waterloo 11

Friday 2nd. August  3:00 p.m.    Green No: 4   Rink 4
Kirkcaldy West End    20          Blackland BC  12

Semi Finals:
Saturday  3rd. August 9:30 a.m. Green No:3  Rink 3
Kirkcaldy West End    17          Gorgie Mills BC  15  

Saturday 3rd. August  2:00 p.m.  Green No:1  Rink 1
Kirkcaldy West End    17         Bothwell BC    16

Scottish Pairs Champions  - 1996

Text Box: They have done it  -  Worthing Here We Come !!  - Sunday 29th. June 1997 
 We arrive in Worthing and are delighted to learn that our hotel is only 300 yards from Beach House Park, home of Worthing Bowling Club. Worthing BC have five greens of which two (A&B) will be used for the British Isles Finals. 
Tuesday 1st. July 1997
Alan and Gary appear to be fairly confident and looking forward to the semi-final against Channel Islands. England will contest the other semi-final against Ireland who defeated Wales in the preliminary on Monday 30th. June.
Gary’s mother and sister are in possession of a large banner with a supportive message...
Text Box: Semi - Final: 9:30 a.m.  Green A  Rink 6
Scotland: Alan Gilmour & Gary Mackie  Vs  Channel Islands G. Pugh & G. Pitschou
All four players appeared to find the end rink tricky and in particular both leads. There was never going to be a runaway victory for either side under these conditions, and it was only when Gary played decisive shots during the last two ends that the Scots in the crowd were able to relax and show their relief as much as their delight.       
Final Score: Channel Islands  13    Scotland  15
Text Box: The Final…  Wednesday 2nd. July 1997  9:30 a.m.  Green A  Rink 4
The  opponents : I. Maddox and R. Stanley representing England

Alan Gilmour played the game dreams are made of, he peppered the jack continually throughout the 19 ends played. The english skip was more or less confined to playing with weight or cutting down the count, Gary complimented Alan’s play by being there as and when required.
From Scotland’s point of view, it was brilliant to watch, for a West End spectators ’ it was magnificent’.
No one in the crowd including the most fervent english supporter was surprised when the english pair surrendered two ends short of the alotted 21 ends.
Final Score:  Scotland  28    England  11
“A truly great performance enjoyed by the majority                                          
and I am one of them…..”